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Biological processes

The term „biological processes“ is a superordinate term for a whole range of cleaning processes, which are essentially based on the involvement of microorganisms.
In the environmental technology mainly aerobe and anaerobe treatment steps of waste water treatment are designated as biological processes.

Basically biological processes can also be applied in form of bio-filters for air treatment for example. The application in soil and groundwater remediation includes mainly in situ processes, where existing micro flora and fauna is activated through different processes.

Experience and application
Due to the cost effectiveness Delta Umwelt-Technik GmbH uses biological processes in a broad range of applications.

  • Treatment of process and ground water with extreme high phenol concentrations (up to 150 mg/l) in a high performance biology
  • use of carrier material for the immobilisation of microorganisms and to buffer concentration fluctuations
  • anaerobe treatment of highly contaminated waste water streams (sludge, brewery effluents, etc.) with biogas production
  • aeration of aerobe processes with 100% oxygen
  • application of specialised and adapted microorganisms
  • application of submerged membranes (micro filtration) for biomass retention
  • application of bio filters for the elimination of olfactory substances
  • usage for in situ processes, aeration of the micro biocenosis in the soil and groundwater through Air Sparging
  • biological treatment of soil heaps through aeration and nutrient feed.
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