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Membrane processes

„Membrane filtration“ subsumes physical processes for component separation with the use of a semi permeable membrane: micro filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis (in order of increasing selectivity).


A collective attribute of membrane filter is the
One part of the pressurised raw water penetrates the membrane as clean water (permeate), the rest is discharged as concentrate.
Delta Umwelt-Technik GmbH applies membrane processes mainly for process water treatment, landfill leachate treatment and for drinking water preparation from seawater or brackish water.


Overview of applications for different membrane processes


RO (reverse osmosis)
landfill leachate, sea water desalination, boiler feed water, drinking water treatment.


nano filtration
landfill leachate treatment


ultra filtration
Process water treatment with partial product recycling


micro filtration
laundry effluent, process water, waste water treatment (biomass retention through submerged membranes)


Membrane processes - Delta Umwelt-Technik GmbH

Membrane processes - Delta Umwelt-Technik GmbH


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